A transitioning woman discovers she is the father of a 13 year old boy.

Just as SID GILL announces to her East Indian parents that she is a woman, a 13 year old boy named RALPH literally shows up at the door announcing that Sid is his father. While Ralph is surprised to discover that his dad is now a woman, he thinks having a transgender parent is pretty cool.

But Ralph is also hiding a secret: he’s not told his mother and stepdad that he’s tracked down his biological father. And then there is Sid’s boyfriend DANIEL, who has yet to tell his family of his affair with Sid, and is nowhere ready to accept a stepson and complicate his life more than it already is.

Sid’s coming out has a snowball effect no one could’ve ever predicted. What happens when gender, generations and cultures collide to create a truly modern family?

Written and directed by Eisha Marjara
Produced by Joe Balass
Executive producer Kevin Tierney

100 minutes, colour