Mother Mary

cowriters: Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay & Bruce LaBruce
director: Bruce LaBruce
Fiction, feature-length

status: in financing

Mother Mary is a film about a trans woman who develops a strong emotional attachment to an unmarried nineteen-year-old pregnant girl. It’s a story about two lonely souls who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere coming together and bonding over the experience of having a baby.

Mother Mary is, at its heart, a love story, and a movie about family. It’s a love story between two misfits from very different backgrounds brought together by fate who find in one other the potential to fulfill each other’s dreams. Mary is a trans woman who is running away from a dangerous incident from her past. Favour is a nineteen-year-old girl who finds herself pregnant and alone, having to move back in with her parents while she works at a shoe store.

Although both women have been marginalized for their transgressions, they bond over something that most people can relate to: a pregnancy, and the birth of a child.

Although the film may take as its main characters two women who don’t fit into society, it explores themes of love, female bonding, alienation and sacrifice through the lens of pregnancy and motherhood, experiences that are universal. Through the eyes of cult director and provocateur, Bruce LaBruce, the film challenges the audience to consider new and alternative definitions of both motherhood and family.