Santo Cabron
written & directed by Bruce LaBruce
Fiction, feature-length
status: in financing

Notorious director, Jürgen Anger, travels to Jalisco, Mexico to make a film about the life of the chichifos (male hustlers). However, he attracts the attention of some shady characters like the young priest, con man and drug dealer, known as Cabrón. The priest belongs to a queer drug cartel, run by El Jefe. Cabrón wants the director to make a movie about him so he can become famous as a drug saint, but El Jefe has his own plans for Jürgen.

Santo Cabron establishes a new genre: a Queer Cartel Comedy. The tone of the film is camp and comedic, but it also includes scenes of gore and poetic violence as homage to the latter two directors. The movie will be shot in Mexico with post production in Montreal.