In development

Mother Mary

cowriters: Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay & Bruce LaBruce
director: Bruce LaBruce
Fiction, feature-length

status: in financing

Mother Mary is a film about a trans woman who develops a strong emotional attachment to an unmarried nineteen-year-old pregnant girl. It’s a story about two lonely souls who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere coming together and bonding over the experience of having a baby.

Mother Mary is, at its heart, a love story, and a movie about family. It’s a love story between two misfits from very different backgrounds brought together by fate who find in one other the potential to fulfill each other’s dreams. Mary is a trans woman who is running away from a dangerous incident from her past. Favour is a nineteen-year-old girl who finds herself pregnant and alone, having to move back in with her parents while she works at a shoe store.

Although both women have been marginalized for their transgressions, they bond over something that most people can relate to: a pregnancy, and the birth of a child.

Although the film may take as its main characters two women who don’t fit into society, it explores themes of love, female bonding, alienation and sacrifice through the lens of pregnancy and motherhood, experiences that are universal. Through the eyes of cult director and provocateur, Bruce LaBruce, the film challenges the audience to consider new and alternative definitions of both motherhood and family.

Written & Directed By Eisha Marjara
Fiction, feature-length
status: in development

Based on the novel of the same name, Faerie follows a young South Asian psychiatric patient who is no ordinary teenager. Lila is a ‘faerie.’ A rare type of girl who is determined to preserve her childhood. The pain of growing up gave birth to the other-worldly creature that she is. She struggles between her impulse to be a weightless faerie and her desire to be happy and free.

Santo Cabron
written & directed by Bruce LaBruce
Fiction, feature-length
status: in financing

Notorious director, Jürgen Anger, travels to Jalisco, Mexico to make a film about the life of the chichifos (male hustlers). However, he attracts the attention of some shady characters like the young priest, con man and drug dealer, known as Cabrón. The priest belongs to a queer drug cartel, run by El Jefe. Cabrón wants the director to make a movie about him so he can become famous as a drug saint, but El Jefe has his own plans for Jürgen.

Santo Cabron establishes a new genre: a Queer Cartel Comedy. The tone of the film is camp and comedic, but it also includes scenes of gore and poetic violence as homage to the latter two directors. The movie will be shot in Mexico with post production in Montreal.

Akram the Surrealist
a film by Joe Balass

Fall, 1947. Akram arrives in Paris on a student bursary. He is Iraqi, Jewish, 18 years old and he is instantly seduced by the carnivalesque atmosphere of the city of lights. Coming from Baghdad and its centuries of repression and segregation of women, the young man faces a sexual and emotional awakening. At the Sorbonne, during his weekly French Literature class, he falls madly in love with Yvette. She comes from a conservative family, who disapprove of their affair. France is still haunted by traces of Vichy propaganda, and the deportations that took Jews to nazi death camps. The Paris Akram is discovering is not what he had imagined. The two young lovers escape Yvette's family and seek refuge within the Parisian Surrealists world and its enchanted burst of artistic exhuberence. In the middle of this meeting between east and decadent west, the young Jew from Baghdad must open his eyes on a new world.

100 minutes, in development.

Script : Naïm Kattan & Joe Balass
Producer : Joe Balass

Naïm Kattan Bio

Born in Baghdad in 1928, Kattan immigrated to Canada in 1954, where he became interested in the country’s intellectual life, quickly integrating into it. Journalist, novelist, essayist and playwright, literary critic, professor and cultural administrator, fervent defender of the French language, he has written hundreds of literary reviews and nearly 50 works on topics such as the diversity of human relations and the coexistence of different cultures. L’amour encore, a collection of short stories is his most recent publication. In 2015, a collection of his theatre plays will be released by the University of Rouen. He is currently working with Joe Balass on the script of Akram the Surrealist.

The Pregnancy Test

Writer: Holly Brace-Lavoie
Director: Holly Brace-Lavoie
Producer: Emmanuel Hessler
Executive Producer: Joe Balass

Language: English
Status: in development

Adapted from an award-winning short story by Angelique Lalonde, THE PREGNANCY TEST tells the story of five women who come across an abandoned pregnancy test in the public washroom of a small-town shopping center. Using visually and tonally distinct vignettes the story explores each woman’s visceral reactions to the discarded wand. Through their shared yet separate experiences, the film seeks to challenge our assumptions about womanhood, motherhood, personhood and privacy by embodying five unique female perspectives.

Les oubliés

Writer: Guillaume Collin
Conseiller à la scénarisation: Pascal Plante
Director: Guillaume Collin
Producer: Emmanuel Hessler
Executive Producer: Joe Balass

Language: French
Status: in pre-production

In the early 2000s, two teenagers, Sarah and Xavier, abruptly leave their father's funeral to visit their childhood home for the last time. Together, they begin to mourn the loss of someone they loved, but who hurt them deeply.

Qui se souvriendra de nous

Writers: Pier-Luc Latulippe, Guillaume Berwald
Director: Pier-Luc Latulippe
Producer: Emmanuel Hessler
Executive Producer: Joe Balass

Language: French
Status: in post-production

It's summer in Louisiana. During a concert with his rock band, Bastien experiences a revelation that confronts him to the life choices he's made so far. The next day, accompanied by his girlfriend and their baby, he navifates down a winding river in search of a beach where the family can spend quality time together.

BLENDED is a half hour comedy series by producer-writer team Joe Balass and Eisha Marjara.

Half hour family comedy follows a South Asian trans woman who learns that she has fathered a teenaged son she didn’t know she had. As she adapts to her new identity as a woman, she juggles co-parenting with her new extended multiracial family while searching for love.

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