Genders, generations and cultures collide in this comedy about the modern family unit. Venus is a beautifully and heartfelt story of a South Asian transgender woman, who sees her life flipped on its head when she meets a “white” teenaged son she didn’t know she had. 


SID is under pressure to marry a nice Indian girl and raise a family. Sid’s East Indian mother yearns to have grandchildren. Her dreams are about to come true, but not in the way she could’ve ever imagined. When Sid comes out as a woman, a 14 year old boy named RALPH literally shows up at her door announcing that Sid is his parent.

Ralph is surprised to discover that his biological father is now a woman, but thinks having a transgender parent is pretty cool. But Ralph hasn’t told his mother and step dad that he’s tracked down Sid. And then there is Sid’s boyfriend DANIEL, who has yet to tell his family of his relationship with her. Daniel is nowhere near ready to accept Ralph as a step son and complicate his life further.

Sid’s coming out has a snowball effect that forces everyone out of the closet and become real. What happens when gender, generations and cultures collide to create a truly modern family?

95 minutes

Writer and director EISHA MARJARA
Executive producer KEVIN TIERNEY





Written and Directed by








Executive Producer

Line Producer


Art Director

Costume Designer

Director of Photography


Sound Design


Produced with the financial participation of :

Société de développement des entreprises culturelles – Québec

Telefilm Canada

Crédit d’impôt cinéma et télévision – Gestion SODEC
Programme du crédit d’impot du Gouvernement du Québec

Harold Greenberg Fund

Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

Produced in association with
Super Channel

Sid – Debargo Sanyal

Ralph – Jamie Mayers

Daniel – Pierre-Yves Cardinal

Mother – Zena Daruwalla

Father – Gordon Warnecke

Kirsten – Amber Goldfarb

Max – Peter Miller

Sylvia – Judy Virago

Mira – CT Thorne

Daniel’s brother – Matt Keyes

Blonde woman – Andreanne Tessier

Writer and Director – Eisha Marjara

Producer – Joe Balass

Executive Producer – Kevin Tierney

Line Producer – Patricia Bergeron

Production Manager – Emmanuel Hessler

Script Consultant – Maria Camila Arias

Story Consultant – Casey Plett, Kathy Adams, Kristiene Clarke, Melissa Kajpust

Casting – Rosina Bucci, Nadia Rona

Extras Casting – Nick Walker, Elite Casting

1st Assistant Director – François Jacob
2nd Assistant Director – Aurore Paulin
3rd Assistant Director – Natalia Grijalva
Continuity – Patrick Aubert

DOP Mark O Fearghail
1st Assistant Camera – Martin Protat, Amandine Schelle, Véronique Dagenais, Yan Clément
2nd Assistant Camera – Emilie Bertelle
Steadicam Operator – Kes Tagney
Movi Operator – Mathieu Nadon, Olivier Barbès
Set Photographer – Jules de Niverville, Toma Iczkovits
Data Wrangler – Thomas Laliberté-Roy

Head Gaffer – Pierre-Luc Jobin
Key Grip – Julien Appolon
Best Boy – Electric Samuel Labarre, Olivier Ardens Leblanc
Best Boy Grip – Grégoire Hivon, Philippe Sabourin
Swing – Jason Goodall, Kyle Pelletier, Olivier Racine, Antoine Benhini, Alex Filion, Patrick Pereira, Hubert Auger, David Villeneuve

Sound Recordist – Tod van Dyk

Art Director – Eric Barbeau
Head Decorator – Alex Hercule
Props Master – Charlotte Gandin
Swing Gang – Daniel Howse, Lauren Phillips, Artem Parfenov, Luc Truchon, Christophe Louboutin
Painters André Doucet, Jessica Carreiro, Dany Lussier

Costume Design – Noémi Poulin
Head Wardrobe – Laurence Gagnon
Assistant Dresser – Marlène St-Denis
Key Make Up – Tammy-Lou Pate
Make Up – Kathya Portillo, Xiao Yun Hu

Key Hair Stylist – Jean-Luc Lapierre
Hair Stylist – Gladys Simard
Wigs – Denis Parent (L’Échevelée)

Visual Effects – Sébastien Nadeau, Laurent Bernier

Graphic Design – Mélanie Bouchard, David Seitz

Editor – Mathieu Bouchard-Malo

Assistant Editor – Ariane Tumel-Chénard, Jean-François Forget

Sound Supervisor – Sylvain Bellemare

Sound Design – Sylvain Bellemare, Mimi Allard

Sound Fx Editor – Mimi Allard

Dialogue Editor – Claire Pochon

Sound Editing Studio – Sylvain Bellemare

Foley Artist – Nicolas Gagnon

Assistant Foley – Artist Francis Dugas

Foley Recordist – Benoît Leduc

Audio Post Production Coordinator – Isabelle Favreau

Re-Recording Mixer – Sylvain Brassard

Assistant Re-Recording Mixer – Gaël Poisson Lemay

Audio Post Production – Studio SPR

Colourist – Marc Boucrot

Technical Supervisor – Alexis Cadorette Vigneau

Online Studio – Film Factory

Titles – Mélanie Bouchard

Tutoring – Mark Weinberg, Marie Anne Farley, Allan J. Levine

Legal Consultant – Stephane Moraille

Production Accountant – Mélanie Bouchard

Translation – Normand Boucher

Production Assistants – Julie Kelly, Audrey Blais, Geneviève Richard-Chabot, Alex Fillion, Shaun Gauthier-Vu, Joseph Liane, Monika Bicarova, Christelle Gilibert, Jean-François Paré

Driver – Alain Bolduc

Catering – Christian Marion

Architectural Drawings – Amita Marjara

Archival Material

Dragon Baby
a short film by Patrick Boivin, produced by Stephane Tanguay, courtesy of Productions Kinesis

Selection of photographs by Zena Daruwall
courtesy of Zena Daruwalla

Transgender Voice Lesson 1
courtesy of Ashlee Edwards

Man with rough-legged buzzard
photo by Robert Fréchette

Additional Music

Softer Lover
performed by Luna Garden
written by Gaëtan Gravel & Patrice Dubuc, published by Ho Tune Musique,
Licensed from Harris & Wolff, courtesy of Gestion Denis Wolff inc.

Time After Time
performed by Dead Horse Beats
written by Patrick Wade

Jaanon mein Jaanain
composition by JoSH the BaND
performed by JoSH the BaND: Rup Magon & Q. Hussain
lyrics by Kumaar

Sisters in the Struggle
written and performed by Lesbians on Ecstasy

Basic Implosion, BossaBossa, Slow Jam, Tango de Manzana
Kevin MacLeod (
licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Young Ruins
performed by Dead Horse Beats
written by Patrick Wade. Licensed courtesy of Bastard Jazz Recordings, published by Taking Brooklyn Music obo Songs From Defend (ASCAP) and courtesy of Defend Music inc, © 2016 Taking Brooklyn Music (ASCAP)

Mahi Ve
composition by JoSH the BaND
performed by JoSH the BaND: Rup Magon & Q. Hussain
lyrics by Q. Hussain

Super Woman
Mixed by Patrice Dubuc and Gaëtan Gravel; Philippe Dunnigan: violin; Madeleine Messier: viola; Christine Giguère: cello; Patrice Dubuc: guitars, bass, keyboards; Gaëtan Gravel: piano, keyboards, string arrangements; Recording engineer: Robert Langlois; Recorded at Studio 270 Montréal

Rights Clearance – Delphine Saint-Marcoux, Nancy Marcotte

Security – Constant Gilbert, Christian Gilbert

Camera Interns – Jacinthe Ringuette, Charles Durant-Morin, Alexandre Dumond,

Insurance – Integro Entertainment

Interim Financing – Banque nationale

Myriame Taillefer, Florence Diaz, Said Michailidis, JP Lalonde, Nathalie Pakbaz, Sebastien Bernardian, Lincoln Ward, Agneishka Wnoroska, Daniel Bernatchez, Patrice Groleau, Stephane Messier, Leisa Reid, Chris Barry, Danny Malin, Teniesha Collins, Marc Primeau, Aldo Lopez, Michael Broderick, Karine Dashney, Alex Belanger, Mila Belle Chanoine, Audrey Tousignant Maurice, Myriame Laplante, Evangeli Anteros, Daniel O’Connor, Julien Boissaud, Stephane Lalonde, Holden Wrong, Dave Campbell, Thalie Boogoerts, Greg Tymoshenko, Mellisa Toussaint, Levanna Laverdure, Rim Zerdazi, Nathalie Bissonette, Carl Langlais, Owain Thomas, Jenna Angel Francis, Cedrick Keka Shako, Pooja Dhanal, Beatrice IP Yam, Samantha Joelle Francillion, Daphnée Fereole, Jessica Valoise, Maya Dorvilier, Dominick Ménard, Levana Laverdure, Myriam Laplante, Kirby Bien-Aimé

John Purcell, Kyle Macdonald, Dan Cameron, Felix Petry, Ryan Lebel

Thanks to Josh Clark – Empire

Special thanks
Giampaolo Marzi, Elizabeth Yake, Julek Kedzierski, Kat Baulu, Melissa Kajpust, Shelly Quade, Julie DiCresce, Liz Hover, Laura Friesen, Chris Vajcner, Brendon Sawatzky, John Gill, Marlene Miller, Karan Singh, Dipti Gupta, Shabri Kapoor, Ranjana Jha, Madsen Minax, Kareem Khubchandani, Harinder Marjara, Amita Marjara, Charlie Balass.

Additional thanks:
The staff of Mannheim Meeting Place and Dr.Michael Koetz, Richard Wolff and Breaking Glass Pictures, Jeffrey Winter and The Film Collaborative, Anick Poirier and Seville International, Barbara Shrier, Cosimo Santoro and The Open Reel, Leopold Wurm, George Christopoulos, Annick Nantel et Cédric Bourdeau at Les Films de l’autre, Peggy Lainis, Stephanie Le Vaguerèze, Dan Lyon and the staff at Telefilm Canada, Anne Cusson, Céline Sénéchal, Marie Potvin, and the staff at Sodec, Alan Bacchus, John Galway and the staff of the Harold Greenberg Fund, Leïla Oulmi, Alexis Landriault and the staff at Main Film, Julie René, Sylvain Cossette, Amandine Brun, Francois Toussaint and the staff at PRIM, Anne Paré, Clotilde Vatrinet and the staff at Les Films du 3 mars, the staff at Super Channel, Florian Weghorn, Martin Bleis, Celine, Lira and the staff of the Berlinale Talents Program, Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny, Denis Langlois, Mark Nash, Carole Balas, Antoine Damiens, Hugo Bossaert, Mike Singh, Bachir Bensaddek, Patricia Christie, Jim Mckeown, Franca Visconti, Karine Hazé, Arshad Khan, Atif Siddiqi, Sholeh Zahraei, Meghna Haldar, Lael McCall, Philip Bergson, Travis Mathews, Myriam Magassouba, Francois Messier Rhéaume, Francois Delisle, Anne-Marie Gélinas, Paul Barbeau, James Hellyer, Elise Simard, Eric Van Hoenacker, Angelo Vacca, Peter Wetherell, Berry Meyerowitz, Angie Nolan, Shauna Hardy Mishaw, and the staff of the Whistler Film Festival, Jon Ornoy, Harry Cherniak, Jessica Adams, Sara Mcintyre, Ismail Maarouf, Joe Iacono, Sylvie P. Hébert, Anita Adams, Pascal Maeder, Joe Sisto, Daniel Bachner, Thomas Pietrzykowski, Margaret Terreau, Avtar Sandhu, Javed Sandhu, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, Eidos Mtl, Daniel Connolly, Mary Catherine Harris, Nellie Carrier, Michael Venus, Hany Ouichou, Mathieu Denis, Martine Laroche, Aneesh Seth, Serena Gelinas, Lucy Mukerjee-Brown, Guinevere Turner, Vivek Savkur, Richard Burnett, Gabriel Bouchard, Jean François Lesage, Denis Langlois, Germaine Wong, Kathy Sperberg, Roy Cross, Tony Asimakopoulos, Joffrey Dumas, Trans Centre for Gender Advocacy, ATQ Aide aux Trans du Québec, and all the others who helped make this film possible.

Bar Terminal, Bar Le Mal Nécessaire, Perry Di Ioia, Hôtel Zero1, Café Cléopatre, Mohammad Nassir Zaheer et Samira Falsy, Jean-Philippe Lafrance, Temps Libre, Arrondissement Lachine, Ville de Montréal, Palais des Congrès, Association des Portuguais, Église Saint-Enfant-Jésus du Mile-End & Mme Lopez.

Development support for this film provided by:

Super Channel

The Harold Greenberg Fund

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

In collaboration with:
National Screen Institute
Mannheim Meeting Place

Additional support provided by:
Film Factory
2D House

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World Sales
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