drama, comedy

CALORIE follows three generations of women whose present and past lives collide during an emotionally packed summer trip in India.

MONIKA is a single mother who is fed up. Her 13 yr old ALIA is a calorie-obsessed girl whose life hangs in the balance. Her precocious 17 year old SIMI is a Lolita, wild and out of control. Monika decides enough is enough. She takes her daughters to India for the summer hoping that connecting the girls to their “Indian roots” will inspire them to be good. But India is a total culture shock to her daughters who resent being uprooted from their home in Montréal.

They stay with their great aunt and uncle, GURDEEP and MOHAN in Amritsar. Alia befriends NAMITA (14) whose cousin JAI (16) has her smitten. However, it’s the unexpected bond she develops with Mohan that touches Alia the most. Mohan sees through Alia’s obsession with calories and shows her who she truly is. Through Mohan, Alia learns about her grandmother who was killed in a terrorist bombing — a subject Monika has always avoided.

Boy troubles push the sisters to launch a full scale rebellion leaving Monika more and more frazzled and the family brings in a guru hoping to cast off the bad spirits which have taken hold. However when Alia runs away, Monika is forced to step up as a mother to save her daughters and reconcile with her past.

100 minutes, colour, English, Punjabi
Written, directed by Eisha Marjara
Produced by Joe Balass