CALORIE follows three generations of women whose present and past lives collide during an emotionally packed summer trip in India.

Calorie is an intergenerational story of Monika, a Sikh-Canadian whose mother was a victim of the Air India bombing years earlier. She must come to terms with the tragedy that she has kept secret from her two teenage daughters as she struggles to regain her relationship with them. In the hopes of setting things right, she sends Alia, her calorie-obsessed 13-year-old, and Simi, her boy-obsessed 17-year-old, to stay with her aunt and uncle in India for an Indian cultural rehabilitation and to give her time to take on her own demons. When Monika finally joins her daughters in India, she received a cold welcome from the two who feel abandoned by her.

 Calorie is a bittersweet drama about a family of women on the verge of matriarchal meltdown. They journey through time, space, memories and cultures, in an attempt to find “home” with one another.

105 minutes, colour, English, Punjabi

Writer, director Eisha Marjara
Producer Joe Balass